Paint Perfect South West has worked on numerous commercial properties including schools, large commercial buildings, fast food outlets, shops, cafes, hotels and apartment blocks. Utilising the highest quality materials and equipment we produce high quality results. We understand the need to minimise disruption to the business and ensure all areas are screened off with safe walking areas and meet health and safety standards. All quotations will include the cost of any hire of scissor lifts, cherry picker, scaffolding and shire permits.



We have been hanging wallpapering for over 25 years. Paint Perfect South West make sure that the area is fully prepared by sanding and filling any imperfections prior to hanging your wallpaper. Keeping any disruptions to a minimum. Our team will ensure that the area is left clean and tidy. Please see photos for ideas of wallpapers and how they can change your whole room or office.


We have been restoring wooden windows to their former glory for over 15 years. Replacing any rotten timbers sanding filling and making them look like new again.  Did you know we can draft proof your wooden windows to keep it warm in the winter and cool in the summer, this also helps with soundproofing. We can install new security locks, lifters etc we also reglaze and repaint so the windows are like new and will never stick again and are in full working order. Restoring your windows can give your home a facelift and add value to your property. Before and after photos please check the gallery.



Looking to refresh your home? A coat of paint is the perfect remedy. This will transform and brighten your home and our professional team have the experience to make this happen. Most people think they can paint and most people can so why do you need a painter?

Painting is the easy part! But do you know what type of paint should be used on what surface and why? Do you know what preparation should be done prior to painting to stop the paint bubbling and peeling off after a short period of time? There are lots of factors to take in to account with preparation and priming the area.

We have the experience to prepare and treat areas, giving you a professional finish and ensuring the work lasts for years to come. You will be in capable hands with our team of painters. All work is walked through on completion with you where possible to ensure you are 100% happy with the finish.

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